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One Woman Show

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Sweet Potato Pie


As a black woman writer and actor, I’m interested in works that combine acting and original writing to explore human trauma and the journey to resilience. I take pleasure in creating a safe space to ignite change in the human heart. My desire to write Sweet Potato Pie is an ode to my grandmother that passed away in March of 2017. She was one of the few people that championed me to be who I am today. This play has been a passion project that I have wrestled with for many years. Sweet Potato Pie is a one person show about a woman being reintroduced with her inner-self once the death of her grandmother stifled the creative inside her. While working through the ebb and flow of grief, her inner self reminds her of who she used to be and the path ahead. This will be a play that explores grief, healing, and a celebration of creatives. The story structure of Sweet Potato Pie will be told through poetry, movement, monologues, singing, dancing, characterization, gestures, and more. In hopes to capture the true essence of the main character. We will follow as the “creative self” leads the main character into a series of memories associated with her grandmother. Laced with humor and a beautiful bond, the audience will see why it's so important for her to find herself again. I hope that through the creative storytelling of writing this one-person play that it inspires those that have walked through grief and finding themselves again to be motivated to take a step towards healing.

Buy tickets at ($15) 

Aug 19 @ 8:30PM

Aug 20 @ 7:30PM

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